>Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc.
High Performance Exhaust Systems
>Aircraft Builders Bookstore
Aircraft Construction Books and Videos
>Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company
Worldwide Distributor of Aircraft Parts and Pilot Supplies
>Attaway Air, LLC
Custom ECI Kit Engines
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>Barrett Precision Engines, Inc.
Cold Air Induction System
>Bruce’s Custom Covers
Manufacturer of the finest custom made aircraft and inlet covers
>Jim Kimball Enterprises, Inc.
Aircraft Kits and Restoration
>K&N High Performance Air Filters
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>Mustang Aeronautics, Inc.
Home of the Midget Mustang and  Mustang II  Experimental Aircraft!
>Powersport Aviation
Developers of The Powersport RE-215 Rotary Aircraft Engine
PSRD-300 Reduction Drive
>Real World Solutions, Inc
Tracy Crook’s Information and Products for Converting the
Mazda Rotary Engine for Aircraft Use
>Saber Manufacturing Inc.
Specializing in Prop Extensions – Twenty Years – No Failures!!!
>Skybolt Aeromotive, Inc.
Innovative Fasteners for Aircraft and Racing Industries
>Steen Aero Lab
Home of the Steen Skybolt, Pitts Model 14, Pitts Special,
Knight Twister, and Great Lakes Aerobatic Biplanes
>Team Rocket
F-1 Quick Build
>Van’s 24 Years of the RVator
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>Dave Burden’s RV-9, # 5/2007
>Bill Anton’s RV-8, #25/2006
>Pete Joslin’s RV-6A, #10/2006
>Bill Kolarik’s RV-7A, #29/2005
>Vince Koehn’s RV-6, # 11/2005
>Troy Grover’s RV-6, #107
>“The Need for Speed: Dick Martin Gets Going”